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EasyNC-Fortran 90 modules to manipulate data files in netCDF format
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EasyNC is a bundle of Fortran 90 modules which enable users to read/write data files in netCDF format. It uses netCDF library and the Fortran90 interface. EasyNC is a short-cut for use of netCDF library and it also provides several functions that make things very easy. It is a very powerful tool for post-processing of atmospheric/oceanic data. It does not require any convention and so users can edit their files in netCDF format that do not follow CF convection because of which other soft wares cannot read the files in.

[Acknowledgement] EasyNC was initially developed as a pre-processing tool for visualization of atmospheric and oceanic data at Korea Supercomputing Center, supported by the KISTI project, "National Supercomputing Infrastructure and Application Service" in 2012.

Prof. Seong-Yu Hong and a graduate student Yui-Young Byun at Yonsei University
kindly have offered their WRF simulation data for the case of typoon Muifa which
passed the Korean Peninsular in August 2011.